Session: Like the word usage in mountain biking, we didn’t want to call it a ride
Fit file: Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer file used for GPS tracks and routes as well as other data. This format is used by modern head-units for storing data collected during a ride
Tcx file: Training Center XML file used to transfer fitness data between fitness devices, very common format for online training platforms
Gpx file: Data file saved in the GPS Exchange format
Chapeau Database: This is the file into which cyclist data is imported
import — how to
drag and drop –
FTP: Functional Threshold Power, defined as the power that a person can hold for one hour.
Estimated FTP
(est.ftp): our estimate of the cyclist’s FTP based on average power FTP and effective power FTP proxies
Manual Session: A session for which there is no file available but still want to have it recorded in the system
Units: Chapeau supports metric and imperial units, where users can toggle. Metric will be displayed in kph, km, m and imperial in mph, mi, and ft.
Move Time: Time spent moving during a session
Café Time
: Time spent stopped during a session
Distance: Total distance ridden
Ascent: Elevation gained
Valid Session: Session that will be included in FTP estimates, stress scores, and power bests
Power Best: A first, second, third, or fourth place for your power at different time intervals in the last six weeks
Power (aka avg.power): Average or instantaneous (the second-by-second data) power from a session
Speed: The rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate
Cadence: Number of full rotations of the cranks in a minute
Heart Rate: Number of times your heart beats per minute
Moving Average: Six-week trend of data indicating upwards or downwards, applies to speed, power, cadence, and heart rate
GPS Data: Coordinate data from session files
Session Summary: Panel that shows a small map and the ride statistics etc.
Effective Power (eff.power): Exponentially weighted power that helps in modeling exertion aka normalized power but cannot use that term
Stress: This is the same as TSS but TSS is also trademarked
Intensity: Same as IF or intensity factor but is also trademarked
Variability: Same as VI (I did not see this as being trademarked byt avoided using Variability Index)
Move Ratio: Factor representing the fraction of time spent moving on the bike (ex. 0.8 is 80% of the time moving)
Duration: Total time including stops
Time: Time of day
Max: On best charts this is 1st place
Max: on FTP charts this is a special proxy, can expand this definition
Current: The session that the cyclist is presently looking at
Overall: For charts that show data for full history of session
Ride (distance): Chart that shows data from session by distance
Ride (duration): Chart that shows data from session by time
Zones: Chart that shows time in speed, power, and heart rate zones
Best Power: Shows best power curve for t 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place in the last 6 weeks (6 weeks looking back from time of active session) + current session powers (average power based)
Best Effective Power: Same as above but uses effective power
Best speed: Same idea, just for speed
Map: Interactive map of ride that allows for overlay of power, speed, and shows where best power was accomplished
FTP Estimates: Shows charts of estimated FTP based on proxies applied to average and effective power
Training Load: Sometimes known as performance chart. Shows fitness, fatigue, and form.
Form: Categories: Overtrained, Overload, Optimal, Neutral, Fresh

Ride trends – six-week moving averages for all sessions

Zone names by data type and model

power,six_zone,56,ACTIVE RECOVERY
power,six_zone,76,AEROBIC THRESHOLD
power,six_zone,106,LACTATE THRESHOLD
power,six_zone,121,AEROBIC CAPACITY
power,six_zone,2000,ANAEROBIC CAPACITY
power,seven_zone,50,RECOVERY MILES
power,seven_zone,87,FOUNDATION MILES
power,seven_zone,95,ENDURANCE MILES
power,seven_zone,111,STEADY STATE
power,seven_zone,300,CLIMBING REPEATS

power,seven_zone,2000,POWER INTERVALS
power,eight_zone,50,ENDURANCE RIDE
power,eight_zone,74,ACTIVE RECOVERY
power,eight_zone,95,STEADY STATE
power,eight_zone,105,THRESHOLD INTERVALS
power,eight_zone,130,MAXIMAL EFFORTS
power,eight_zone,2000,SUPRA THRESHOLD
heart_rate,five_zone,70,FAT BURN
Peak intensity,nine_zone,40,CHILL
intensity,nine_zone,75,ACTIVE RECOVERY

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