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Our next release will feature the following:

Notification of Session Bests

Expanded from just Power Bests, Chapeau now gives you immediate feedback on your rides by showing you the new personal bests for speed, power, effective power, cadence, and heart rate. Improved styling for bests and at load time and in the Session Summary.

Empty Tank Efforts

Empty Tank Efforts

Readily find and visualize exceptional efforts where you’ve extended yourself and emptied the tank. Empty Tank Efforts are based on modeling of your Critical Power and session specific w’ balance. The Ride chart shows the efforts where you dug deep and the session specific Critical Power can be visualized against your FTP Estimates and Best Power.

Temperature, Core Temperature, and Decoupling

Inspect your efforts against external temperature and/or core temperature. Gain insights into the effects of temperature on your heart rate and power output and visualize over the duration of your session. View the (de)coupling relationship of heart rate reserve and power over the duration of the session.

Fatigue Resistance

Sustained and repeatable power – easier said than done especially for long races and rides. Visualize your power best curves based on energy and readily understand power drop with duration.

Insights and analyses for data-driven athletes

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