Chapeau gives you the power to analyze each and every ride and optimize your training.


Notification of New Power Personal Bests

Chapeau gives you immediate feedback on your rides by showing you the new personal bests you’ve achieved for power and effective power.


Session Explorer

Fast access to all your rides! Easily see which sessions have first place power rankings. Quickly navigate to any session based on year, month, and ride date / name.


Session Summary

Chapeau presents a clean view of your ride showing a succinct summary of critical ride statistics, advanced statistics, nice overview of your route, and time-based metrics for power, effective power, speed, and cadence.


Search / Filter Sessions

Trying to find that ride where you had a long ride or best power or fast sprint or climbed for what felt like days? Use Chapeau’s filter capabilities to search your entire history based on ride statistics as well as time-based statistics.


Session Calendar

A slick overview of your training. See weekly summary for distance, stress, energy, and more. Use the calendar to see your sessions as well as navigate to the details.


Performance at a Glance

Getting Faster? Slower? Stronger? Weaker? Spinning? Grinding? Chapeau can let you know! See how you are doing and how that compares to your general trend for speed, power, heart rate, cadence, and more.


Easy Import

Loading your historical ride files is as easy as drag and drop. No file count limits, no file size limits. Just add your fit, tcx, and gpx files and Chapeau will do the heavy lifting to import and validate all your data.


Manual Session

Missed some miles? Forgot to turn on your head unit? Or maybe tracking gym sessions? Either way, Chapeau has you covered. Use a manual session to include additional training you’ve done that should show up in your fatigue.


Killer Map

This map has it all! Silky smooth interactions with your ride charts, current power bests, speed and power overlays. All the information you need for post ride analysis and for pre-race planning



Create segments, and view a summary, history and comparisons of different attempts to track your improvement.


New Map Overlays

Overlay effective power and gradient onto your ride map. Grade can also be overlain.


Database Summary

View and compare your full summary by year of all the loaded sessions.


Summary for non GPS Sessions

Ride details without GPS data can now included in the summary chart view.


Left-Right Balance, Pedal Smoothness, and Torque Effectiveness

Got LR data from your power meter? Chapeau shows density plots of LR Balance, Torque Effectiveness, and Pedal Smoothness. Balance related data is also shown in the time domain for the duration of the session.


Athlete Metrics Journaling

With Athlete Metrics Journaling include your weight, ftp and heart rate for any date and these values with be respected in all the calculations Chapeau provides.


Equipment Tracking

It’s not always about the bike… but sometimes it is, you know? Chapeau lets you add equipment to the database and assign it to any session so you can easily see what you were on and when you were on it.


Session Attribution

Automagic! Chapeau automatically calculates a Workout Type, a Ride Type and assigns your default equipment to each session. If you want to change it, no problem, each session is customizable so you can be sure to set it just right.


Bests Chart “Hintervals”

Interactively visualize the where / when for best power and speed on your current ride. Mouse over the current session curve chart and see the corresponding “hinterval”. The highlighted box will represent the best interval of that time length during your session colored by zone.


Watts or Watts/kg

Are you the are the pound for pound power champ or is your buddy? Log your weight with Chapeau to show your power curve in Watts or Watts/kg.


Loading Feedback

During loading, Chapeau may mark some sessions as invalid based on the data it contains. For example when a session is detected that has a speed or power which seems unreasonable (100 mph for instance), the ride will be marked invalid. To make it clear why a session was marked invalid, Chapeau now provides feedback at load time indicating the reason:


Support for Golden Cheetah export files

Rides exported from Golden Cheetah can now be imported into Chapeau.


Summary on Overall Charts

When a section of time is selected on an overall chart, a summary of the values for that range is now included on the chart in the upper left. This mirrors functionality also seen on the ride chart for many versions.

A view of your rides unlike any other

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