Coming Soon

Our next release will feature the following:

Segment Profile

Preparing for a PR? Get better insights into your segments with a view of the elevation profile emphasized with grade / slope information.

Segment PR Highlights

Segment PRs are now highlighted on Session Summary map giving you a quick look at where you dug deep and summoned your beast mode.

Enhanced Map

Map functionality expanded to include segments (PRs for session) as an overlay and fully interactive summary like on the Chapeau Ride chart. Zoom Pan and check out your stats!

Session Summary Chart

Finer control over the look and feel of your session summary– Choose to use Map, Workout, or Ride as the default chart.

Monthly Best Power

The monthly summary now includes a Best Power chart that looks back through all your years of training and shows your Best Power for the current month.

Segment Zoom

Easily navigate to your segments on the Ride and Balance charts. Quickest way to get summary details for your session.

Session Pins by Stress

Colorize session based on Stress, makes it super easy to spot your most challenging sessions.

Enjoy the views on
and off the bike!

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